Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Barrette in the desert

I need to work on my edge skills. I've gotten much better than I used to be when I started. But a bit more polished would be nice. Also, isn't the hair stick neat? I got it at the Tucson Bead and Gem Show in September. Its carved bone and I think its so cool.

In other news I've become addicted to Starbucks. Starbucks is commercialization, tasty tasty commercialization. I can't drink coffee if its not very very sweet and milky, so thats where frappachino's come in.

I'm also going to go get a sewing machine today! I'm very excited about having a sewing machine so I can make different bags! I'm in the process of knitting a new bag and I'm going to crochet a bag as well, with leather handles. I'm also thinking about making a new leather bag. I just listed that dragonfly one, so now I should work on a new one, right? I have to be ready for my second craft show on the the 1st of November. I got new business cards too from Vistaprint. I got free ones, and they almost look like they have nightshades on them (its not quite the right plant, but close enough). I had to get the 7 day shipping, but it cost about $13 total for 250 cards and a free pen!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Purses and silly dogs

First off, here is my newest bag. Isn't it lovely? It took me forever to get it done right! I hand tooled the dragonflies and leaves and dyed the leather. Then handsewed it together and crocheted the straps and closure.
Its now available in my shop!

And here is Dakota. I gave her a treat thing and she was too lazy to lay down to chew it. I was very amused by this. So I snapped a photo!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I've been BUSY

I've been mighty busy. My mother came to visit for a week.

I finished a purse (FINALLY, its a long story!). And I made another hair-stick.

There will be pictures of both soon! I just haven't had a chance to get out and take pictures.

Hurricane Norbert has been making Arizona a bit stormy (well, down here).

Also, I did my first craft show on the 4th. It wasn't the best sales day ever, but it was a neat experience, and I GOT some cool stuff (pictures of that too come too probably).

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ideas and a couple of products

Work is making me too busy. I don't get enough hours, but the pay is good so it makes up for it a little. I could use a heck of a lot more money coming in though! Argh. Its not like I work that many days, so I don't know why I don't do much crafting now a days. I've been crocheting a scarf. I think I'm going to start including crochet with leather items and making "leather and lace packages" or maybe "leather and fiber" but to me lace just sounds cooler, even if its not really lacy. I don't know. I think a crocheted scarf or bag with a matching leather cuff or belt would be really neat!

I need to advertise more for my shop. Its not easy when you're paying off debt to do some advertising and some craft fairs.

I have one fair coming up on the 4th of October, and one in November. I made a new horseshoe dreamcatcher today for the show and I also made a belt and two hair pieces.

Here is a photo of the belt and one of the hair pieces.

These aren't going to be in my shop unless they don't sell Saturday. No point in paying 20 cents when I might just sell them in a few days!

Time for Project Runway!