Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An obligatory post

I'm busy with moving so I figured I'd be awesome and pimp one of my favorite ecoetsy things I've found. First off, I recently joined Ecoetsy.

This amazing chicken is made on a recycled circuit board. I find this fantastic. He was made by DebbyAremDesigns on Etsy. Check out her shop!

Anyway, I'm moving to Arizona Saturday at 4 am EST. So, I'm probably not going to be around this blog or my etsy much for a bit. So, I leave you with this until further notice.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Today I ventured through the yard and took some plant photos

Really, thats all I have for a while. I'm going to be packing and moving during the next two weeks, so I probably won't have much time to craft.

Friday, April 18, 2008

In case you're wondering...

So, if you were wondering how that dreamcatcher turned out, you now shall see.So the floral beads became embellishments on the side of the shoe, it is still really random looking on the inside, I like the look of it instead of the always perfectly symmetrical dreamcatchers.

Anyway, I used green wire for the "stems" of the purple flowers.

Then it was adding the feathers and stringing on some beads in the center. This is available in my Etsy shop, if you are interested. Also, I'd like feedback, if you have any comments on how I could improve these or what other variations I could do, let me know, I'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Step 1...Add silly.

Since I should be studying for a lab final, but I'm having a much better time singing songs from Across the Universe, I've decided to blog! Woot.

First off, I made an Etsy sale! Its my third one!
It was this lovely bookmark seen on the right. The colors are gorgeous, I'm happy that someone else liked it.

Anyway, I figured I'd show one of my dreamcatcher shoes in progress. Here are the first stages below.

First off, I cleaned and painted this shoe black with acrylics. Then there was the artificial sinew-ing, which I did more randomly so it wasn't such an even spiral this time. I added a few random beads that are purple. There are reasons for that!

The next step will be adding some other things to it, to dress it up a bit. Heres two of the things I'm going to add to it on the left. Now, I will post pictures of the progress tomorrow. I've almost got the darned thing finished!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I've got a lovely bunch of kazoos.

I've been wondering if I should sort of melt this blog in with my other one. Meaning that I'd move my horse talk over here, since I like "craftyequine" best as a name. I don't have a lot of readers here yet, at least I'm assuming by the comment numbers, so I think this may be acceptable. I'd post more this way. In reality my blog could be about my crafts and my many animals and wildlife experiences.
Its MY blog and I'll do what I want to!

That said, let me introduce my photography shop and talk about me some more.

I also like photography. I'm kind of addicted to nature and horse photography, so you'll see that
kind of stuff on my blog too. I have a photography etsy that I just started. My username is Nightlightphotos and you can find a link in my...links!

Anyway, I'm a 21 year old who is about to graduate with a Biology degree in a week. I love nature, I love horses, I love my dogs and reptiles and fish and all the animals I have crawling around my home, including my insane CAT. His name in Banjo, and he makes INSANE faces. He's a shelter cat. Let me tell you, I will never get a cat that isn't from a shelter. This poor little guy had a grub living in his cheek and was all sickly when they found him. To think someone would abandon that adorable face!

Ok, maybe not that face. How about this one? Ha!

I'm also going to take this opportunity to pimp out my Flickr.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Purses and Bags oh my!

I know this isn't really horse related, but I wanted to show my blue floral purse. Its available on my Etsy. I've been exploring my leatherwork and this was the first purse I made. Its just a small one, but I'm thinking this will be what I make the most, purses and handbags. I really enjoyed putting it together.

Mostly I'd like to get to making horse equipment down the road, but for the time being I can't afford the leather to do it. So, I'm busying myself with smaller projects.

Thats all for now, I'll hopefully update again soon. I'm moving to Arizona in two weeks and finishing up my last semester of college, so forgive me if I'm busy!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A horse shoe dreamcatcher

So, being an environmentally friendly person, I like to look for ways to recycle. This was my newest idea. Horse shoes make interesting dreamcatchers. It was a little difficult at first (if you make dreamcatchers you could imagine how its a bit hard to cope with the missing area).

Essentially, I cleaned and painted the shoe, then did the weaving with artificial sinew. I followed that with the beads on wire. Of course, I attached feathers on leather strands so that I could give it that authentic dreamcatcher look.

Personally, I think this is a good use for horse shoes. :)

There are more pictures of it on my etsy!