Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A compulsive person, I am!

My new leather supplies came in today! I'm very excited. I have new patterns and plenty of leather to last me a while! So, expect to see more crafting!

This is my newest keychain. Mostly dyed for color, but a little bit of acrylics to make it pop a bit.
Also, we got a new cat in the family! Her name is Ava and she was adopted from a shelter, after having five kittens of her own and being a foster mom for 4 more. She really hates the dogs at the moment though, so I'm working hard to get her used to them. Her and Banjo are on occasional sniffing terms, but if I get close to them he hisses and chases her away. She's really sweet though, I hope they'll be friends, and hopefully she'll get used to the dogs quicker than Banjo did.

I've been doing a lot of horseback riding with my husband, but monsoon season is bringing lots of storms, which will give me some photography practice, but may cut back my riding a bit. Hopefully, I can craft it up. I'm knitting a scarf that I think I may list on my Etsy. I'm feeling just that adventurous.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Some crafting, some photos, some stuff

The sunset was gorgeous, and I took this while I was horseback riding :)

The newest bit of leather craft. I ordered new leather, so expect to see some purses and tots!

Also, I crocheted my first scarf. Its for my little cousins birthday.

I found crocheting to be easier than knitting. And quicker. Even though it was a lot harder to learn. Regardless, it turned out great. I'm going to try felting up some bags to and using my leather crafting to add leather trim and straps.

Meanwhile, I have a lot of animals running around here and so much to do. Especially find a job. I'm going to work on posting in this blog more than once a week! I can make the time.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not to much to update.

I made another sale. I'm not too busy lately, but I haven't been doing much crafting. I'm low on leather and I just want to be able to buy some supplies! I did get a new pet to add to my menagerie of animals, he's a banded California Kingsnake. I joined and I have been crocheting a scarf and I'm going to be knitting a purse. I might make some small leather items in the next few days.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Keychains and features!

Team Ecoetsy featured me on their blog.

I find that cool.

Also I finished some custom keychains. That are going to Gemsformom on Etsy.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Thunder Horse

Apparently this photo has been kicking arse on Flickr. Go ahead, stare :)

I'm really impressed, I didn't know people would like it so much!

In the crafts world, I'm busy making a few keychains and coming up with an idea to make matching tack and jewelry that is...well, crazy, and I would post a picture, but I totally broke the piece I was working on, so I'm going to have to start over, but I need more leather cord. One of these days, I'll have money again...I hope.

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