Monday, June 2, 2008

The Thunder Horse

Apparently this photo has been kicking arse on Flickr. Go ahead, stare :)

I'm really impressed, I didn't know people would like it so much!

In the crafts world, I'm busy making a few keychains and coming up with an idea to make matching tack and jewelry that is...well, crazy, and I would post a picture, but I totally broke the piece I was working on, so I'm going to have to start over, but I need more leather cord. One of these days, I'll have money again...I hope.

Show the photo some Flickr love!


woolies said...

hi - your horse is georgeous! I'm in AZ too, and have two horses. I used to be active in Etsy for animals, but have been pretty inactive the past 6 months. Just not enough time in the day!
Love your king snake too!

Caly said...

Hey Woolies! I'm just loving Monsoon season right now, its constantly raining where I am!
I've got far too many animals running around here, I know about that not enough time in the day thing! Right now I'm unemployed so I guess it gives me something to do!