Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Step 1...Add silly.

Since I should be studying for a lab final, but I'm having a much better time singing songs from Across the Universe, I've decided to blog! Woot.

First off, I made an Etsy sale! Its my third one!
It was this lovely bookmark seen on the right. The colors are gorgeous, I'm happy that someone else liked it.

Anyway, I figured I'd show one of my dreamcatcher shoes in progress. Here are the first stages below.

First off, I cleaned and painted this shoe black with acrylics. Then there was the artificial sinew-ing, which I did more randomly so it wasn't such an even spiral this time. I added a few random beads that are purple. There are reasons for that!

The next step will be adding some other things to it, to dress it up a bit. Heres two of the things I'm going to add to it on the left. Now, I will post pictures of the progress tomorrow. I've almost got the darned thing finished!