Saturday, May 24, 2008

Two new dreamcatchers

Well I made a "SouthWest Turquoise" dreamcatcher with a vintage totem pole pin. Then, from my old jewelry from highschool I made a punk rock horse shoe!
I was apparently very creative.

Oh, and I've included an obligatory picture of my two ponies being cute together.

I think I may do a craft show in October, and I've joined two new Etsy teams, Etsy for Animals
and Etsy Honeybee Helpers (for Colony Collapse Disorder in the honeybee populations). Check out for more information on Colony Collapse. So, I will be raising money to help with animals and bees :). I'm also working to start a South East Arizona street team for Etsy.

If you want to search for Ecoetsy or Etsy for Animals items on just type in 'teamecoetsy' or 'team efa' into the search!


Looking Glass Jewels said...

Beautiful dreamcatchers! I love the teams you spoke of, I am thinking about joining! :)