Sunday, July 27, 2008

Caption Contest!

I opened a second shop! It has nothing in it at the moment, but its going to have cards, photography, knit, crochet (including amigurumi!) and needle felted objects. If I learn to make lampwork beads, it may even have those down the road.

I made new banners for my shops as well. The new shop is CraftyEquine

Meanwhile. I'm having a contest. I want to have funny captions on some of my pictures for the inside of some of the cards. I'm sort of in a rut with some, so I'm having a caption contest. Winner will get a feature in my blog (if you're not an Etsian it can be a Flickr photos feature, DeviantART, Blog feature, whatever you want featured).

1. I know it looks like it, but it is not an LOLCAT! Therefore captions submitted with horrible spelling, webspeak, and bad grammar will be ignored!
2. Only funny captions will be considered
3. Keep it politically correct (Please don't use "retarded" in the captions or anything else like that)
4. Swearing to a minimum.
5. Submitting your caption gives me the right to print it on my cards

I will pick anywhere from one winner to four winners. Each one will get a blog feature and credit for the quote will go to you on the etsy listing and it will display a link to you (however, you wil not receive a royalty :)) Its free publicity, nothing wrong with that!

Comment your entries here please and thank you! Contest will close August 31st

I am also having an on Etsy contest right now. Check that out here


JodisCraftEmporium said...

Holy Cow! Are You Kidding Me! I don't believe it but I won 10 million cat treats along with cat nip.

Kim said...

PMS, it sucks!

Have a great day!