Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sows Ear to Silk Purse Contest on DA

So, there was this contest on DeviantArt in a group, Craftcycle that I belong to there. The contest involved taking junk and making it into something new and pretty. Thats what I came upwith. Knitted baling twine on huge needles and turquoise leather horse silhouettes. I matte sealed this and I'm going to hang it on the front porch. What do you think of it?

I may make some more items with baling twine, shopping bags, floor mats, and more wall hangings. Some of them may end up being in my shop.

In other news we have a foster horse coming to live with us that is in her mid 30s!
Meet Stormy. She will be treated like family here in permanent foster care. She is amazingly healthy for her age. She is coming to us because her owner has health problems and can no longer keep her and Care for the Horses is helping her find a place for the horse.

Its been my dream for quite some time to offer a horse sanctuary and shelter one day and fostering this mare is just my first step toward learning more about caring for these horses.

I made a necklace with 50% of the cost benefiting CFH, if you'd like to help them out they do not currently have an online donation (although she's working on adding a Paypal donation button) but I will be posting more items that will directly benefit CFH. I will let my readers know when they have a donation button. With the price of hay and fuel a lot of shelters are closing, help to keep this one open! CFH has done a great job in the past few years of placing horses into new and caring homes. Horses can be a 30+ year commitment, but many people discard them like trash when they become too old to compete or trail ride or what have you. Its understandable as its hard to afford extra horses but please consider this before breeding a mare. There are so many foals born each year that end up in bad situations. Check out this blog article by Tom LaMarra for more information on the overbreeding of horses. Of course, if you like funny, you can always check out Fugly Horse of the Day to see what happens to overbred conformationally challenged horses.