Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An Amigurumi and some wreckage from high winds last night.

This was my hay storage shed, and because it only had three walls the wind was quite capable of picking up the staked in shed and flipping it over. Also, busting up the whole shed.

Secondly, I made this little amigurumi octopus. He'll be in my artfire shop soon. when its less gloomy out, I'll get better pics of him. I also made an owl that is already in my artfire, but I'll post pics of him later :).

In the meantime, I'm a little sickly. Its either my allergies or a cold.


Chris said...

My goodness! That's some damage!

Love the octopus - gorgeous :D

Hope you're feeling better soon!

esque said...

Wow, must have been quite a wind though! I hope the horses are okay!

Cute octopus, I love his expression!