Monday, December 29, 2008

Product Review: The Walky-Dog

Ok, so I'm reviewing a product that I love. It gives me something to blog about right?

The Walky-Dog is an amazing tool. I love this thing! Essentially it is a shock absorber so your dog can run along next to you while you ride the bike. Its super easy to install to the bike and easy to hook the dog up to!
I have an Alaskan Malamute, and not only is she big, she LOVES to pull, go figure. I could never take her with me because her pulling was disruptive and down right dangerous if the leash was on my arm or in my hands. The Walky-Dog works wonders for this. She still pulls but her forward pulling actually helps pull the bike forward. It is easier for me to get up hills with her attached, and she gets some extra work out too!
When she does yank out to the side, three heavy-duty springs inside absorb a lot of the shock and, while I can feel it pull on the bike, it is not hard to continue riding. Its sort of like running into a small rock and having your bike tire slip around it.

The three springs inside can be removed and by removing a spring it lengthens the cord that is available to the dog. Big dogs that can pull harder and are also closer to the Walky-Dog get three springs and less leash. Smaller dogs, like my Sid (pitbull mix) get two springs, and even smaller dogs can get the one. Thus, giving them enough leash so the Walky-Dog isn't lifting up on the tracheas.


  • Keeps your dog at a safe distance from the bike for the most part
  • Its adjustable to use on different sized dogs!
  • It really does absorb the shock of the dog pulling
  • Easy to install on the bike
  • The arm comes off so you can unattach your dog from the bike but hang on to it for a temporary stop.
  • No training necessary
  • Dog can't accidentally detach and run around in the road
  • It's light
  • Doesn't get in the way
  • It keeps my hands free!!

  • When I said "for the most part" about the safe distance, I had one instance where Dakota managed to almost get her paw run over by the back tire. But only when I was turning to the right (which is the side I have her on).
  • When the dog pulls harder the seat on the bike can turn a little bit. My bike is obviously partially to blame for this but the fact that it attaches under the seat can cause this problem. Depending on your bike you may be able to attache it to a different bar. I can't because of the thickness of the bars on my bike and also, I can't attach it much lower as Dakota isn't a short dog! But, I'll play with it and hopefully fix this problem
  • Its a little difficult to remove springs and put them back in.
Overall I think this product is worth getting if you want a way that you and your dog can exercise together.


Scott said...

Hi Caly,

This is a great, honest review of the WalkyDog! I love the product too and use it everyday with my Lab Pointer mix Parker. I have some videos of Parker and I using the bike leash that I would like to share with your readers. Feel free to use the videos in your blog if you like.

WalkyDog Videos

One other note - the site that you link to above does does not have the WalkyDogs in stock, but The Dog Outdoors and a few other sites have them.

P.S. I like the name Deek (Deke?) for your horse - their is nothing wrong with being a geek :)

Backstage Style said...

I just got a walky dog but the harness I bought to go with it (Spiffy Dog mesh harness) seemed to slip out of it.

I am going to try this Sporn harness instead
or is there one you recommend?

Nightshade said...

I don't have a particular harness I recommend. I currently am just using the collar as I'm not quite brave enough to put Dakota in a harness so she can pull harder. Good luck finding one that works!

Scott said...

I like the RuffWear harnesses. Great padding and weight distribution