Thursday, August 7, 2008

More treasuries!

I made it into two more treasuries.

The first is the closest to expiration (5 hours) but it is quite lovely.

This leathery and interior design treasury is here and it was made by the talented leathersculpture!

The second on is right up my alley! Horse inspired items! This one was made by midnightcoiler and is here.

I love treasuries and I keep trying to snag one for myself. I got one in Treasury West once, just by chance. I'm hoping to get one today in the main treasury, it looks like enough of them will expire. :)

If I do, of course it will be posted here.

As for the artist features, I have picked the first artist and I just have to get around to making questions for her to answer. Hopefully, I will have the first feature up next week sometime!