Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Treasuries and Cuffs a-plenty!

I got in TWO treasuries last night! The first one is by MissKnits and can be found here.
Its an absolutely gorgeous treasury isn't it?

The other one is an EFA August Challenge Treasury. My little cow magnet is in the bottom left hand corner. This treasury is by DogonWear and is here.

And here are three leather cuffs I made recently. The bottom two are in the shop, the top one will be eventually.
In other news, I'm ill with a respiratory infection of some kind. I get to go to the doctor tomorrow..yay.
I haven't been doing a lot of leatherwork lately. Last week I was busy working and this week I'm sick and for me, making leather items just doesn't fly when I'm this ill. I have been working on repairing an old saddle. Thats new uncharted territory for me!


LadyK said...

Congratulations on being included in two treasury lists!

Your cuffs are nice, I especially like the top/dark one. Hope you feel better soon, and good luck with repairing that saddle.