Saturday, February 7, 2009

Apollo and Orion :(

What to do with animals? Hmm.

Well, we sort of figure that we will have to rehome Apollo. I'm worried about the noise! Between the bird and the baby I might not be able to rest, and not to mention the baby might not be able to nap if the bird squawks. Unfortunately, we are limited in size in this house too. I wish I would have known I was pregnant before I got him, I really love Apollo, but I'm not looking forward to having to wash my hands entirely and change clothes when I go from handling the bird to handling the baby.

As for Orion, I thought we'd be fine keeping him, but today he threatened to kick me and just missed my stomach. Wake up call anyone? Being that I do most of the feeding, and when I don't my less horsey husband does means that someone is bound to get hurt. He could injure me or the baby and is likely to injure Doug as well. So, it would seem that the wise thing to do may be to have Care for the Horses take Orion back, as he is still owned by them technically until April. I am thinking that I may lease or sell Thunder as a teens gymkhana horse. He is a challenge, but could win them tons of ribbons once they get with him and learn to ride him. It'd be a great reward and probably a great advancement in their riding skills. I hope I can find someone to lease him. I'd prefer to keep him around for my husband, but I guess money for the child is going to be the most important thing, and if I can't keep him, I can't keep him. Titan will stay until after I am able to barrel race again. If I feel he'd be better with a different rider, than perhaps he will find a new home too. This could mean I might get a new horse, but only ONE new horse. As hard as this might be, it'll have to do if I can't keep them. My hope is that I can somehow work it out, lease Thunder temporarily and end up keeping both the adult boys. However, the truth is, I really want a different competition horse and while before, I could keep all three of them, now I'll have to choose who stays and who goes. :(

This baby will be a great thing, but what it is doing to my menagerie of animals is heartbreaking. I can only hope that the kid will make it so I don't regret the bird or the horses.

I thought I needed a change, but this change? Man.

Life is difficult. I can only hope I work this out!