Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Posting everyday is hard!

Coming up with something to post about everyday is hard! It is hard mainly today because I'm feeling rather sickly and have done nothing productive. For the two blog contest winners that are getting custom items, it will take a little while!

So, I've decided today is a good day to show an old photos.Michigan winters were pretty...but so cold!


Boutique By Bonnie said...

My problem with posting is that I don't have time to process photos every night. Also I usually use my laptop to blog and my photos are on my PC. I'll figure out this challenge eventually!

Nightshade said...

I don't take photos enough. I need to! I didn't have a problem processing them when my photoshop worked, but for some reason it stopped and I'm stuck with odd programs I'm not used to until I get photoshop to work again!

Can you move your photos from PC to laptop with a thumb drive? OR upload them all to flickr or something with the PC and then copy the HTML code into your blog? Just my ideas.