Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Glad to see you didn’t all leave.

Well I lost two followers. Not bad for all my non posting. I guess the news about the baby, sorting stuff out, working, and friends visiting from Michigan have sort of had me pretty busy with other stuff. I intend on working on posting nearly everyday again. I missed it! I also have to catch up on all the blogs I’m following. Yikes!

OK, pictures from our adventures, at least, round one!


Me at the Saguaro National Park, with a saguaro, of course. Did you know that Saguaro’s have to read 70 years old before they can grow arms?


Chollas, they look very pretty in the sunlight. They probably don’t feel great though.

001 Don’t you love the views out here? Well, I do!

Anyway, I will post more pictures from Mexico, and maybe other pictures if my friends post some nice ones I can steal from them!

In other news, I’m not sure how much longer I can keep up with my Etsy and Artfire accounts. I don’t feel much like crafting…EVER. However, now that I’ve got some time I am determined to finish the leather keychains for the blog giveaway.


backattheranch said...

Great pictures of the desert!! Hope you are feeling good! :)

Pony Girl said...

That desert looks warm! I was supposed to be in the Cali desert this week....sniff. Maybe next year.
I've had some followers come and go too..I think it's fairly common.

KayzKreationz said...

Some nice pics. Hopefully you can keep your shops open, or at least one, even if you don't have too much in it.

Donna E said...

nice pictures,think I'd enjoy a trip to the desert,I imagine the hiking is lovely!Oh a trilride out there must be heavenly!!!

Nightshade said...

I love trail riding out here! Its so nice out here :)