Friday, February 27, 2009

Old Gymkhana pictures

I'm having way too much fun digging through old pictures on my external hard drive. So, I give you some old pictures of my horses and I. These are 4-H, local gymkhana shows, and just, all sorts of fun stuff I miss doing!
I might keep posting old photos for a little while, so I can gather up NEW material to talk about. Then maybe I'll post more for awhile.

The picture above is my old horse Blue when I was in the 4-H junior mounted division and I got to carry the flag in the parade.

This is one of my favorite pictures. Yeah we're not fully in the frame, but its just so neat to see the speed and the flag stuck in the bucket. It was so hard to stick the flag with Thunder!
This picture was from when I was on the Junior Mounted Division which was through 4-H. We were carrying mail, in the brown saddle bag, in a relay. It was called the Pony Express.Titan running back after a decent pole pattern. I look SO tall in this picture. I'm not!
One of the first ties I ever let Titan go quickly through the pattern. He used to run so NICELY. What happened? haha.

I love this picture, the lighting is just SO pretty.


boylerpf said...

I LOVE seeing these horse pictures. I miss mine so much..just the freedom of being on their backs is incredible! Great pics.

Pony Girl said...

These are so fun, what a great glimpse into all of the fun things you have done! I think gymkhana looks like fun....I would never do it on my horse now, but someday?!
Blue is just beautiful! What was his breed?

KayzKreationz said...

I love your horse pictures. I really miss my horses. Will have to go back and check out my pictures to see what I have I can post. I've also got a pattern of 2 horses I want to do in stained glass and make it of my mare and my DH's horse to remind me of them. Great pics.

FAPORT International said...

Nice pictures! i like these pictures..