Sunday, January 18, 2009

Google Analytics.

OK, this is kind of a PSA, but honestly, I can't recommend using Google Analytics enough!

You can plug Google Analytics into your blog, your Artfire, and now, even your Etsy! It is so useful to see how long people stay on your blog or shop, where they came from, what they click on, and more. It is pretty easy to set up and once you figure out what everything means, it is great and helpful! Etsy has an article in the Storque that explains how to set it up on their website. Artfire is easy to set up as well and you can find it under your stats section.


esque said...

Yep, I love using Google Analytics! It's fun see where all the visitors come from!

KayzKreationz said...

I've been using Analytics on my blog just about since it started, so was glad to see that we could now use it for our artfire and etsy shops. I love to see where my viewers are coming from.

umlauf said...

I have just started using GA, and am blown away by all the stats available. What a wonderful thing the internet is :)

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