Thursday, January 29, 2009

Apollo and horses and dogs, oh my!

Here are some photos, as promised!apolloapollo2

This is Apollo. I just named him last night, thanks to a suggestion by a friend! He is 5 1/2 weeks old and so cute!

I also thought I’d include some photos of my other animals. The kitties and the snake are the only ones I didn’t get.

oriontriestonip Orionisreallyacamel

Orion had his face in the camera so I tried to push his head away, and I snapped a photo. He tried to lip me!

Of course, this is what he looked like BEFORE I pushed him away.

orionwalkYou can really see how much he’s growing up in this picture. He is 10 months, working on 11, so he’s starting to get that yearling physique.


My Sid-dog! She’s put on some weight and looks so much more filled out. We got her from the shelter in November 2007 and it has taken us quite a while to really get her to not look greyhound thin in the flanks. dakotainthelane

Dakota, impatiently waiting for me to catch up with her.

ThunderlooksinquisitiveI love the look on Thunder’s face right here! He looks like he’s asking, “Oh, really?” I believe the shadow that looks pregnant is Titan behind him!

And finally, titan09

my Titan looks pretty darn handsome in this picture. It isn’t often I get one of him with his ears forward!

Also, on an unrelated note, Windows Live Writer is the best little program for blog writing ever! I love the effects and stuff I can do wit it. So fun!

I will post the winners of my blog giveaway tomorrow or maybe later tonight (if you’re lucky), for the time being, let me rest after another tortuous day of work! I have tomorrow off and will be catching up on my internet duties but I also need to ride. Yesterday I only rode Titan, I hope to ride tonight, but we’ll see. I feel drained after work, it is hard to get up the gumption to ride. Plus, getting up at 4 am doesn’t help…anyone.

By the way, yesterday, someone totally trespassed up and down my property and had the dogs freaking out. It woke me out of a sound sleep (it was about 9am I was sleeping in)! I was so afraid to feed horses, I came out with a gun in hand and let the dogs go with me. The person was gone but their tracks went from my driveway all the way to the pasture and the dog runs, and then back toward the front of my property again. I’m definitely fencing in my property when I have some more money to spend on it! In the meantime, I’ll be nervous that they were scouting out the horses to steal them or something. I probably sound paranoid, but I don’t like when strange people trespass and walk right up to the dog run and horse pasture. They walked pretty much right by the house.


Pony Girl said...

I loved seeing the pics of the crew! Apollo is just adorable. Dakota is beautiful, and the horses are cute!
Scary someone was walking on your property! I don't blame you for carrying a weapon. Have you though of reporting it? Just in case something happens, you documented it? Not sure if a report require an actual identification, though.
I will have to check out Windows Live writer,thanks for the tip! :)

Nightshade said...

I get so nervous out here sometimes! People out here can be rather dangerous, from drug runners to illegals O_o. I don't know if I can report it after its been a few days. All I know is I'm getting 'no trespassing' signs because there aren't many up and maybe they just missed it (although, coming right up to the horse pasture leads me to believe they didn't care). Anyway, if it does happen again, I'll call the police. People make me so mad!!

Thanks on the animals! Unfortunately, they all know how cute they are, lol.

esque said...

Aww, they are all so cute! I wish I'd live closer, I'd help you exercise your horses! lol