Saturday, January 10, 2009

More things that make me happy.

When I mentioned that my cats were on here as something that made me happy, my husband was quite upset that he wasn't first. I explained that they were in no particular order but I can see where he is coming from. I feel strange talking about my husband on my blog so I'm making this one include two things that make me happy for good measure.

1-My husband, oh my! My husband has brought more sci fi into my life than I could imagine. He is a bit of a nerd for it. He's currently in the Army but will be out around March. My husband is so much calmer about little things in life than I am and it helps me learn to be calm as well. He's helpful with the horses, and honestly, I can't believe anyone would agree to marry me knowing that I came with college debt, two horses, a cat, and not the most employable degree.

Now you may be wondering why I'm saying husband when I said earlier I was getting married in May. Well, we are married in the eloping sort of way right now and we're having an actual ceremony and reception for our families and friends (and so I can have an actual wedding because I am still female and want one).

2- My horses. I'm adding older photos of both of them, ones I haven't put on this blog yet. Which unfortunately means I have no more of Orion (Deek) to show you, but there are plenty of Thunder and Titan.
The one with her hind end way in the air is Shasta, my mom's appy.

Doing this spam of pictures makes me miss one particular horse I've never mentioned on this blog. My very first horse, Blue. He's still around and he lives at my parents house. I didn't want to risk trailering a 25-30 y.o. horse to Arizona from Michigan and I couldn't afford to move him. He's a great old horse. He's probably Morgan x Quarter Horse cross.
He's so filthy in this picture! I'll show more of him later.And the whole horse family back in Michigan. Clockwise from back left to about 9 o'clock: Shasta (bay with star), Titan (Bay with T blaze), Thunder (sorrel), and Blue (grey).


Jenni said...

oooo I love horses... But they kinda scare me... Someone asked me to make them a bracelet with some horse hair as a momento. That was a fun project.

Jenni - Australia

JuliaA said...

gorgeous horses! i love the first picture. :)