Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My first Artfire Sale!

I made my first sale on my Artfire! I haven't got a payment yet, I think they elected to send a money order, but I'm not sure if Artfire is supposed to notify me of that (I didn't get a notification) or not, so I contacted the buyer to make sure. I know Artfire is beta and is buggy, I have patience and am convinced it will be an amazing site when it is fully grown.

Anyway, I have two horseshoe dreamcatchers pretty much finished up and ready to get photographed, but its cloudy and gloomy today, I will probably need to photograph them tomorrow. Then they will be listed. One will go on Artfire, one will go on both Artfire and Etsy. I have a few more shoes ready to paint up and decorate. I will get to that sometime soon. I want to get some different paint colors so I can have some different color shoes, not that I've even used all the colors I have laying around.

By the way, there is a wonderful yahoo group about trying to save the children's handmade community from the CPSIA, I wanted to recommend joining for anyone that makes anything that can be 'construed' as for 12 year olds and younger.

As far as application to grad school is going, everything is in except ONE reference letter, and I'm so nervous that the professor I asked to write it will not get it in on time. I asked him back in November, I've been reminding him pretty often too. He has already written me reference letters, so really he just needs to tweak one and send it. I asked him to please send it by yesterday at the latest so it had a week to get to the University of Arizona. However, things can take 7-10 business days in the mail so this is pushing it. If its not there by the day before the due date (the 28th) I'm going to have to ask if I can have him fax it to her.

I will be SO mad if I don't get into this program because he was too lazy to send the reference letter he said he would send. So, I'm nervous about that not showing up.

Also, we got the check from our insurance company deposited. We're using it to get a new dishwasher, since our old one broke. Most of the rest is going to our pole barn, although there are a few bills we might need it for.

Between working on planning a wedding, money, and trying to get into school, I'm kind of stressed. I need to go do some yoga or something!