Sunday, January 25, 2009

More rambling and goals

The dogs are driving me nuts. We got a sun conure on Friday, and Dakota won't stop searching for the bird and staring at him intently. The cats are better than her!

I rode Thunder today with a neighbor and it was a great relaxing ride. Thunder's feet were less sore than normal (I don't think I mentioned that here before but Thunder's front feet have been incredibly sore lately).

I'm going to take pictures of the baby and such tomorrow, I promise! I've been so busy financing a motorcycle for my husband and grocery shopping and tending to animals.

101 things in 1001 goals plans for February-
Go to the gym everyday for a month, that will be fun to attempt.
Participate in NaBloPoMo! I will try to post every day!
Volunteer 1 day a week for 3 months.

It will be fun to make some major progress on my list! Wooo!

Welcome to all my new followers! I love comments so feel free to introduce yourself if you haven't!


Pony Girl said...

Sounds like you've been busy! How old is the conure, what'd you name it?
It's always good to have goals. So tell me, you've been financing a motorcycle for you hubby, what do you get? ;-)

Nightshade said...

Lol, I don't know, I guess I get the car. He even mentioned that last night he said, "You know, you missed a HUGE bargaining opportunity." I was just being nice! I bet I can guilt him in to stuff though, lol.

The conure is still awaiting a name, he is also only 5 weeks old (the pet store owner taught us how to safely hand feed him, which is challenging, haha). It takes me forever to name pets,I have to come up with something fitting, you know?

backattheranch said...

It's great to have goals. It looks like you will be busy! Maybe your hubby will give you a nice ride on that motorcycle!!!! Hope Thunder's feet aren't sore anymore. Kinda dealing with the same stuff. We are going to the Chiro soon for back and shoulder work.